StorageX Shines out with Its Distinctive Data Migration Characteristic

Practically every element of our life depends on data! With the development of newer technologies and the rise of digitalization, data has played a central role in this world. The most challenging task for businesses is moving this enormous amount of unstructured data to the cloud for improved data management.
Microsoft has simplified the Azure data migration process by sponsoring Data Dynamics’ StorageX for free data migration through the Azure File Migration Program. This program complements Azure Migrate, allowing users to migrate workloads and applications that contain large numbers of files, unstructured data, and object storage data into Azure without incurring any cost - it’s absolutely free! What makes StorageX stand out from its competitors is the automation, intelligence, and security to migrate petabyte-scale data to the right place and at the right price performance. Among the most crucial aspects of StorageX is the ability to preserve all critical security attributes to ensure that your data remains secure as it is moved and is not exposed to groups that should not be accessing enterprise data due to the platform change. Also, StorageX offers APIs for every single parameter, allowing integration into customers’ business processes, engineering standards, and automation. StorageX is a trusted migration partner for 300+ global enterprises including 26 Fortune 100 companies.