Storing multiple datasets in 1 dictionary

Hi everyone!

We imported all our datasets and stored them in 1 dictionary in “Data cleaning walkthrough” mission. I guess, we did it instead of creating a variable for each dataset to save a memory by using less variables, right? In the industry is it also a common approach to work with multiple datasets at the same time or is there any other technique/tool?

Thank you in advance for the answer.

I’m still learning myself but I’m not so sure this practice is done because of memory allocation so much as it is “choosing the right data structure” to get the job done. Dictionaries are perfect for this scenario! I think you could almost call this a “DRY” situation (see this wiki)

Unfortunately I do not have any industry experience myself so I can’t speak to that specifically but I do know that it is very common to be working with more than one dataset at a time and thus we need a way to keep our data organized. For this scenario, a dictionary works perfectly.

Also, for future reference, can you please provide a link to the original mission screen? This helps others with context for your question. I just did this mission not too long ago so I remembered what you are talking about but that will not always be the case.

Thank you for your answers @mathmike314! It is a first time I see “DRY” to be honest.

P.S. I have updated my question and attached a hyperlink to the particular mission.