Storytelling Data visualization : Death toll for ax1 subplot

Hello there,
Super basic question. Probably I am missing something here:

I am trying to figure out in the story about average death toll per month. How did we get count of 2247 on the first plot in the series of subplots. For the month of March we have average death toll value of 1844, not able to make sense of 2247. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
heres the link:

Hi @gaurav_taskar, please provide a link to the mission/screen you’re working on so that others have a bit more context for the problem you’re having. You may want to take a look at this post for some guidelines for asking technical questions in the community.

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Hi Mike,
I have edited the post which has a link now. Its more of theoretical question rather a technical code related question. Hope that gives some more context. Thanks for sharing the guidelines for posting a question. Appreciate it.

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Oh I see what you’re asking about now! And yeah, you’re right…not so much of a technical question but it’s still a good one to ask! I can’t stand it when I don’t know where values are coming from :imp:

Both 2247 and 1844 (as well as the 0 on the far left of the plot) are the average number of deaths per month…but just for different months. So 0 is for January, 1844 is for April , and 2247 is for December.

Try out this code to see where these values are coming from:


You may also want to use this bit of code to increase the number of rows pandas will print before truncating the output:

pd.options.display.max_rows = 50

Hope this clarifies the mystery for you!

Perfect Thanks Mike! I got it now. start = 0 , end = 2247. :+1: