Storytelling Data Visualization on Exchange Rates - Comparing Presidential Terms

Hello DQ Community,

Just sharing my 5th project. In this case I focused my storytelling in comparing the presidential terms. I generated the grids in 2 ways and, as always, I would deeply appreciate the feedback on how I can improve my code.

Storytelling Data Visualization on Exchange Rates - Comparing Presidential Terms.ipynb (367.7 KB)

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Hi @zalopez,

Thanks for sharing your project with the Community! Your code looks clean, the code comments are very informative. Also, I liked your approach of trying 2 different methods for creating the visualizations.

Here are some suggestions:

  • You should put the project title in the very beginning of your project, not after the 1st code cell. Also, the link to the original dataset is missing.
  • The code cell [1] the output is a bit hard to read. You might consider adding separators between different kinds of outputs. Probably, it would be even better to show exchange_rates.head() and exchange_rates.tail() in different code cells and without using the print statement.
  • The code cell [4] and whenever in the future: the commented-out pieces of code should be removed from the project.
  • You might add more information in markdown throughout the project: background info, what we’re going to do and why, intermediate observations, etc.
  • Consider splitting very long lines of code into 2 or more lines.
  • It’s better to focus in the conclusion on the most important insights of the project, not on the ways of obtaining them. For example, what are the most interesting observations we see on the graph we created?

Hope my suggestions were useful. Happy learning!

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