Storytelling Data Visualization on Exchange Rates

Looking forward to receiving constructive feedback. Thank you.

Storytelling Data Visualization on Exchange Rates

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Hello @gargarkwamegideon12 ,
Sharing projects is a great skill in the data analysis scope and you are on track with this.
I will drop a few notes for your attention:

  1. You did well with the cleaning process and your visualizations were great.
  2. It is always good practice to include a detailed introduction before you commence your analysis. The idea here is for any reader/team mates/business stakeholders or even you(later on) to understand the data set being used for the analysis and the problems you intend to solve.
  3. You may want to use clear headings for your markdown cells so as to have a systematic flow of your process.
  4. Commenting above codes has proven to improve readability, understanding of steps being processed and necessary for code maintenance/review.
  5. Another practice worth imbibing is to import all modules in thefirst cell of your jupyter notebook, at the begining of your analysis process.
  6. There is also no “Conclusion” at the end where you point out your observations/insights for easy comprehension of your final findings.

Notwithstanding, your work showed great promise for improvement of your analytical skills. Go on!