Storytelling with Google Data Studio

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to share an excellent tool which will help you convey insights about your data using visualization & reports.

Google Data Studio is a free data visualization tool which helps you turn your analytics data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualization.

You have to perform three primary tasks to create visually appealing reports that tell stories with your data.

Step 1 Connect Data
Well for connecting your data with Google Data Studio it provides various options ranging from CSV files, MySQL & PostgreSQL databases.

Here I have attached screenshot of various options you can choose to connect your data from

Step 2 Visualize

Google Data Studio provides drag and drop editor to:

  • Tell your data story with charts, including line, bar, and pie charts, geo maps, area and bubble graphs, paginated data tables, pivot tables, and more.
  • Make your reports interactive with viewer filters and date range controls. The data control turns any report into a flexible template report that anyone can use to see their data.
  • Include links and clickable images to create product catalogues, video libraries, and other hyperlinked content.
  • Annotate and brand your reports with text and images.
  • Apply styles and colour themes that make your data stories works of data visualization art.


Step 3 Share & Collaborate
It’s easy to share your insights with individuals, teams, or the world. Invite others to view or edit your reports, or send them links in scheduled emails. To tell your data stories as broadly as possible, you can embed your reports in other pages, such as Google Sites, blog posts, marketing articles, and annual reports.

When you share a Data Studio file with another editor, you can work it together in real-time as a team.

So Google Data Studio will be helpful for your personal & professional projects.

Here I am attaching a link you can use to view sample reports

I hope this helps you get an idea about Google Data Studio.