Struggled with Dictionaries module


Spent a few hours on this module and couldn’t answer a complete 2 of the 15 sections/pages and several others I had to rack my brains out to complete. Furthermore, I felt that I only managed to survive getting through it because of the helpful prompts (do this, do that).

I’m not comfortable with moving out to the next module until I’m confident I understand Dictionaries.

Should I reset my progress with this module and run through it again or is there another resource supplement that could be recommended with practice exercises.



Hi @beresford.salmon!

In situations like yours, it’s definitely best to review the summary notes, and then go back and attempt the mission from the top!

Is there anything specific you were struggling on? Perhaps a member of the community could help shed some light for you!

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Thanks for replying.

Yes, I think I will work through it again today from the beginning as you suggested.

I was constantly confused on how to add/update keys-value pairs using For Loops.

After I’ve worked through it again, I’ll be more specific if I’m still having an issue. I just had a thought that it might be useful to # comment next to each line of code so I can actually follow what I’m doing, I often get lost lol :rofl: