Stuck in Anaconda hash verification

Dq lead me to the second link. in which the second step says it is recommended to verify the files before installation. Now when i run that code in windows powershell, it says something like this. shared a screenshot as there is no other way. Please help in this hash verification. New user.

update: with latest powershell version, showing same error when i paste the code given for hash verification

Screen Link:
this link lead me to this


Judging from your screenshots, it looks like you just copied and pasted the command exactly as the Anaconda site wrote it. You were suppose to replace filename with the actual filename of the Anaconda executable file.

So instead of this:
Get-FileHash filename -Algorithm SHA256

It should be something along the lines of this:
Get-FileHash C:\path\to\file.ext -Algorithm SHA256

Hope that makes sense.