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Stuck on First Project for Jupyter Notebook (3/14)

for app in android:
name = app[0]
n_reviews = float(app[3])

gives me an error stating that:
ValueError: could not convert string to float: ‘Reviews’

Am I missing something here?

If it is in the spot I think I believe the string actually contains special characters (it’s 50,000+ etc.) so it can’t be strictly converted to float unless you delete those characters since python doesn’t know what to do with those.

try the n_reviews.replace :wink:

Hope it helps.

Without encouraging to be unpleasant I recommend that you look at this link It explains how you should ask the questions.

Take a notice that almost all about reference is made in markdown (something that in jupyter you will use almost all time) and also give us the link where you have been stuck.

Nothing more (or less) to say, send you a greeting and much encouragement in your new career.