Stuck on Multiple Plots Concept

Screen Link:

Multiple Plots.ipynb (349.5 KB)

What actually happened:

Line 27, when I do this
subset = unrate[start:end]['MONTH'], unrate[start:end]['VALUE'] plt.plot(subset, colors[i])

I end up with alot of crazy zigzag lines, which is not supposed to happen.

Can someone help me understand why my code is not working?

Thank you!

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Hi laurenk9304
Please refer docs for the signature of plot() method.

plot([x], y, [fmt], *, data=None, **kwargs)
plot([x], y, [fmt], [x2], y2, [fmt2], ..., **kwargs)

So you’ll have to provide data for x and y coordinates separately, i.e. unrate[start:end]['MONTH'] for x coordinate and unrate[start:end]['VALUE'] for y coordinate.

The correct code should have been

plt.plot(subset['MONTH'], subset['VALUE'], c=colors[i], label=label)

instead of

plt.plot(subset, colors[i])

Hope its clear now.