Stuck to figure out the number of cumulative deaths at the end of March, June, October, and December

Hello everyone,
I am on the last exercise of the Storytelling Data Visualization (8/10), where I am struggling to figure out how the cumulative deaths are calculated for March, June, October, and December? This is shown in the cell below:

deaths = [2398, 126203, 227178, 295406]

Any help would be appreciated!

Great question!

'covid_avg_deaths.csv' gives us the month and the New_deaths. We can see that there were 0 deaths on average for January and February.

For March, there were 77 deaths on average every day. So, at the end of March, there were 77*31 deaths.

That should give us 2387 deaths. But, that doesn’t match with the 2398 number.

2398/31 gives us 77.3548 and not exactly 77.

So, what I think happened here was that the original dataset had these death averages as floats and not integers. Whoever created the content calculated these values using the floats and got the list you shared. Unfortunately, the dataset uploaded in the classroom ended up with those values as just integers and that changes that list.

You can either work with the values given or calculate new ones based on the dataset in the Classroom. I do recommend that you report this to DQ as well so that this can potentially be fixed at some point. You can use the ? in the top-right corner of the classroom to report this to them.

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These values make a lot more sense to me now after your explanation. Thank you for that.

I agreed this might be the case with these values, according to your recommendation I’m going to inform DQ about this.