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Student tip for having data science books

Hi everyone !

Few days ago I shared a link about free books published by springer during the lockdown.

Today I wanted to share one tip that I use sometimes when I want to buy something for my own satisfaction.

I love books, and especially I want to read data science books to keep increase my knowledge. But this kind of books can be expensive and when you’re student you have sometimes to be very precautious about the incomes and the outcomes.

This year I discover the website called “Humble Bundle” and sometimes they propose data science bundles with many books in it. The goal is to propose some bearings of books in link with the amount of money you want to put on the website.

The good fact is that with 1 € I can obtain 3 or 4 for books and the amount can be given to an association.

Maybe that this is something obvious for you, but for me in France this is not very familiar and I wanted to share this with you !

Have a great day !


You can’t don’t waste you money if you will use Library Genesis. It has a most of books by variance science themes, include math (linear algebra, stats, probability and etc) and DS (Python and their packages, R and etc.) One notice really worthy books ~ 5 - 10% of amount , remaining 90 - 95% - bullshit for earn money by hype.
Finding and selecting good books now is like the job of a gold prospector. :grinning:

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