Study group for career change goals

We have recently set up a group with the aim to support each other and speed up our progress.
The group is centered around people who want to make a career change so most of us are 35+.

Right now we are starting practice session where we work on practical problems since as we all know, you need to get you hands dirty if you want to make progress.

If anyone is interested in joining please send me a PM with a short background on yourself and why you want to join.

We don’t have any fixed requirements to join but you should:

  • Have several years of work experience and plan to pivot into DA/DS

  • Be proactive, work on the problems, chat, make suggestions… lurking won’t do anyone a favor


I would like to join.


Recently graduated with a CS degree and now working in a role with sql. Would like to continue to learn and become familiar with data science to expand my possibilities of future employment.

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Hey Zach, I just PM’d you.

Hi Bojan,

I am interested to join the group.


I am right now learning Data Science on, and would like to join the group to learn and simultaneously contribute with the little knowledge I have on the subject.

What is you work background? You can also pm me.

I will like to join, I am presently taking the second step in Data Analyst with python on and I am sure joining you guys will expand my horizon.
Thanks in anticipation.

Hey. I am interested

Hey, I’d like to join. I will pm you to share detailed info.tks.

@meghana19kp and @faruqahmad078, please PM me some background info and why you want to join as mentioned in the original post.

Hi Bojan - I would like to join. I have been learning Python/Ds for the last three months, have many years experience in arts management, transitioning to Data/Stats. Previous have a BS in Math, and math/science teaching experience. Would love to be part of a group :slight_smile:

Best - Jon

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I’d love to join. Completed my BSc in psychology and worked in Applied Behaviour Analysis with kids with autism for three years. Currently I’m editing transcripts online to give me more flexibility so I can complete these Dataquest courses and hopefully land a remote position in Data Science.

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How would you like me to pm you please?

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I was a computer programmer analyst /software engineer for 16 years. Then I had kids and raised them. Then I was a special education teacher. Now I substitute teach so I have more time for Dataquest.

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I’m interested in joining. I’ll send you a on, Bojan.

I’ve been in computers for over 25 years and have focused on operations and application administration and engineering. I’d like to move into data science so I’m working through Data Quest’s Python courses.

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I have 14.6 years of IT exp, but on Java, Oracle technologies…Now looking to switch to DA/DS domain

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Hi, I’m interested in joining. Have 10 years of experience in Insurance, and startups, and looking to pivot to more direct DA/DS role at a larger company.

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Hi, can I join your group?


I came from accounting major, and gathered my experience as an auditor in one of Big 4 for 4.5 years and then switched to current job as a controller. Facing a lot of accounting and finance data, I am very intrigued to learn DA/DS to establish my understanding of data handling and helping me improving future career change.

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I would like to join
I have been studying to become a software developer for almost a year now I have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Angular, Express, SQL, mongodb, and Python. I went to WOZ-U bootcamp and am currently enrolled at CSU Global

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Just bumping this up if anyone else wants to join.
We worked on three projects so far and are slowly venturing from EDA to ML. Lot’s of resources and interesting chat as well.

If you are serious about raising your game or if you want to help out with designing the practice projects feel free to join via the most up to date link (scroll down)

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Dear Bojan,

I would like to join your group and really interested in python learning