Study Group for Data Scientist pathway

I am from a medical background and i have passion towards data science and social sciences. I am totally a beginner who knows very little about python

I am writing this post to invite anyone using dataquest Data Science career pathway to join me in a study group

After I found out that my productivity has been too slow the past period, i thought we can motivate each other through a study group

If you are interested, just comment on this post or email me on [email protected]


Hey Karim! Wilson here.
Congrats on starting your data science journey and I hope you find it fulfilling and enriching! I was always drifting in and out with half-baked data science learning over the past year and only started to get more serious the past few months, with all the credit to Dataquest.

Where are you located now? If the timezone isn’t an issue, I’d love to help you out and I think with your medical background you could do some amazing things with python :smiley:

If you aren’t convenient sharing here, you can ping me at [email protected]

Cheers brother!

Hey Wilson!

It is really encouraging to receive your reply, i am located in Dubai, UAE. Hope the timezone won`t be an issue and looking forward studying together :slight_smile:

Have a good day!!

It should be alright, how is your progress so far?

I have finished exploring data with pandas, but stopped to revise everything from the beginning cause i stopped studying for almost a month and now i am revising the functions part, i have also finished till the functions in the practice mode

Tomorrow i should finish revising functions fundamentals and intermediate along with the practice exercises

what about you?

That’s great! I’m also on step 2, mostly doing the lessons related to data cleaning and analysis and jotting down many useful pointers along the way :smiley: Will be attempting more guided projects pretty soon :fire:

i haven`t studied for the past few days :frowning: but i am on vacation for 3 days and will try to catch up and finish step 2 revision as well

I hope you enjoyed your vacation brother! This week is National Day week here in Singapore so I’m taking it easy too :smiley:

Thanks for starting this thread…I emailed both of u directly

How are you guys? Did you actually started to work together? May I still join you?
I am also in Step 2 and getting through every mission so far. I am also living in Dubai.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Hi Shinil,

We are in regular contact on Whatsapp and sharing information, you can reach out to me on whatsapp


Hi, I’d like to join as well! I’m not sure how to connect with you on whatapp, but I sent you both emails!

Hi there fellow dataquesters, is this group still going on somehow?