Suggestion for instructions

Screen Link:

The instructions on this screen state:
…" Fit a linear regression model that uses the feature and target columns we explored in the last 2 screens. Use the default arguments .

I’m thinking this means we can choose any of the 3 feature columns (['Garage Area', 'Gr Liv Area', 'Overall Cond']), but it doesn’t specify the Gr Liv Area column that the solution uses.
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Hi @feedmyboxtoday,

In the previous screen we have identified Gr Liv Area as the highest correlated feature:

The correlation between Gr Liv Area and SalePrice is around 0.709 , which is the highest. Recall that the closer the correlation coefficient is to 1.0 , the stronger the correlation.

But still, I feel the instruction needs to be made clearer. I will get it logged.


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