Suggestion for my computer vision project

I’m gonna develop a computer vision system student attention detection system in the classroom. So the question is that what if I develop this system for e-learning and it will detect a student if he/she was not attentive in an online class, so which will be easier to develop for classroom or for e-learning because in the classroom the system has to detect all the students and on the other hand in online e-learning system will detect only one student so what you suggest which one is easier to develop and understandable?

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Hi @imzeeshan,

Welcome to the community! I have no idea about computer vision systems. However, my intuitive understanding is that it is easier to develop for e-learning compared to a classroom setting. And my reasoning is that, it is easy to detect the facial expression (probably needed) of a student if they are in front of the camera (webcam?) where as in a classroom setting, it is difficult to capture from the camera in a corner. Technically, the same is possible in a classroom setting but the infrastructure cost will make it difficult. However, in e-learning, no additional setup is required as webcam is readily available (most likely).