Suggestion/Workaround for Error "getting object '.z' not found in pmap" - MobileAppLottery - R

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Screen Link:

If you are using the solution code (or following the example on the screen) and get the error ```
object ‘.z’ not found Use the following code

My Code: 

```data1 <- c(1, 3, 5)
data2 <- c(2, 4, 6)
data3 <- c(8, 9, 7)
data_list <- list(data1, data2, data3)
averages <- pmap(data_list, function(x, y , z) (x + y + z)/3)
first_average <- unlist(averages)[1]

This is straight from the tidyverse github issue tracker for purrr link found from this google search: pmap object not found