Superstore analysis with power BI

I am excited to let you know that I have successfully created my first report using Power BI. Your input, correction and suggestions are welcomed.

The url of the guided project last mission

Superstore PROJECT 1.pdf (722.8 KB)

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Hey @ctowolabi

Welcome back to the DQ community! Congrats on your first BI project.

Just wanted to know if these are on different pages in your Power BI notebook. If yes, can you try putting all of these as components of a dashboard page as your next step?

Thank you for sharing the project with DQ. Happy Learning!

Hi @ctowolabi,

Great job on the data visualizations!

This is a good attempt on Data Visualization.

However, It would be great to see insights that you discovered during your analysis. Another thing to look out for is the size of the tiles. You could have had the Total Sales KPI tile, Table, Map & Pie Chart tiles on one page rather than 3 pages.

Keep Learning!

Thank you for your insight and suggestion. I will so that.

Thanks for the commendation

I thought of that as well. I will readjust the report again. Thanks

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