Synthax errors in python

Please can someone help me identify synthax errors in the following line of code…
rating = float(row[7])
price = float(row[4].
I have been getting synthax errors on this line of codes and I really don’t know what is wrong. Thanks.

Could it be missing parenthesis in the last line? :thinking:
Will this work for you?

rating = float(row[7])
price = float(row[4])

That was actually a mistake typing here
It was meant to be:
price = float (row[4])

you can check here.

Could it be an indentation error in line 7? It’s hard to tell because of all the line wrapping.

Pro tip: You should not code on you mobile phone :wink:

Check this answer here, probably it may help.

Oh…Okay, How do I continue with learning this?
Am really desperate. I need it.

Thanks You so much .

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It seems like rating = float(row[7]) and price = float(row[4]) are on the same line. You should put them on separate lines. And don’t forget the indentation (4 spacebars), so Python knows the line is inside the loop.

Your indentation is obviously 3 spaces, make them 4 spaces and run the code again. I hope this helps.

rating = float(row[7])
price = float(row[4])

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