Tags: 136-14 Finding Longitude and Latitude Function

Hello, the directions for the determining longitude function in 14/16 of Data Cleaning Walkthrough states it “Uses the regular expression on the previous screen to extract the coordinates.”, but the hint shows the location has been changed from an exact address ("1110 Boston Road\nBronx, NY 10456\n) to loc. How do we decide which example to follow?
Also, what do [0] and [1] refer to in the brackets? I thought it was [0] latitude and [1] longitude, is this correct? What do 0 and 1 signify in the expression lon = coords[0].split(",")[1].replace(")", "").strip()?

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Break down that code line, and print out the needed parts one by one (with the 0 and 1 and without them) and see what output you get. That will help you figure out what the 0 and 1 signify.