Tags:201 Can't download the star-wars-survey.csv dataset from Github

Github wouldn’t allow me to download this dataset for some reason, does anybody have star-wars-survey.csv?

GitHub can be a little weird when trying to download a single file; you often need to download an entire branch to get one particular file. For example, you can download the entire project-walkthroughs (which contains the star wars csv file) from this link. To download, click on the green CODE button in the top right and select Download ZIP.

You can also download the file directly from the DQ platform by clicking on Download button in the Jupyter Notebook window to download your entire project (including the csv file) so that you can work on it locally.

Let me know if either of these options works for you. If not, we can try something else together.

Happy learning!

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Got it!

Thank you very much!

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