Terminal Will Not Acknowledge Correct Input

I am not able to advance because the command line terminal will not acknowledge correct code entered at the lend of lesson 1 of Standard Streams and File Descriptors.

In addition, the terminal either runs terribly slow or does not load at all. I’ve tried using Firefox and Brave Browser and IE (yikes!).

What can I do to advance (see my first sentence).



If your code is correct then,

Kindly create a Platform Bug ticket by clicking on the Contact Us link.

Respective team would mark it as complete for you. :smile:

I have the same problem. I already reported the bug a week ago but nothing happend. I keep writing that correct code over and over again. I cannot advance because it won’t accept the answer

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Kindly tag someone from the dataquest group like @Sahil. They might help you to get out of this soon.

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Responded to ticket #45512

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