Text Labels Coordinates Discrepancy (Adding Y-tick Labels)

Screen Link:

My Code:

fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(9, 5))
ax.barh(white_corr.index, white_corr, left=2, height=0.5)
ax.barh(red_corr.index, red_corr, height=0.5, left=-0.1)


x_coords = {'Alcohol': 0.82, 'Sulphates': 0.77, 'pH': 0.91,
            'Density': 0.80, 'Total Sulfur Dioxide': 0.59,
            'Free Sulfur Dioxide': 0.6, 'Chlorides': 0.77,
            'Residual Sugar': 0.67, 'Citric Acid': 0.76,
            'Volatile Acidity': 0.67, 'Fixed Acidity': 0.71}
y_coord = 9.8
for y_label, x_coord in x_coords.items():
    ax.text(x_coord, y_coord, y_label)
    y_coord -= 1

ax.axvline(0.5, c='grey', alpha=0.6, linewidth=1, ymin=0.1, ymax=0.9)
ax.axvline(1.45, c='grey', alpha=0.6, linewidth=1, ymin=0.1, ymax=0.9)


From the tutorial, the coordinate for the y-tick label is 9.8, and it reduces by 1 for every y-tick label. This is understood.

To visually separate the labels from the bar plots, we added two vertical lines:

The ymax coordinate of the vertical lines is 0.9 (based on the axvline code) . This is confusing spatially.

I would have expected the ymax to be closer to 9.8, since the Alcohol tick label has a y-coordinate of 9.8.

Please, I need clarification on this.

Thank you.

Hi @michaelaigboks

According to the documentation ymin and ymax “Should be between 0 and 1, 0 being the bottom of the plot, 1 the top of the plot.”

In that order of ideas, the reason why the line is 0.9 is to leave a small space between the line and the border of the plot. It’s a different scale and it can be confusing, but it’s also one of the reasons why we need to read the documentation of each library that we use

Good luck!!



Thank you so much for clearing this up, it makes so much sense now.

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