The 1st Data Science Project(Using Python) - Prison Break

Omar Wazed.pdf (113.1 KB)

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Hi Oman @o.wazed86

Welcome to DataQuest community and congratulations on finishing your first guided project. Though unfortunately you’ve uploaded a pdf file. Ideally you’re required to upload a .ipynb jupyter notebook file.

Anyway I’ve had a quick glance at the pdf file you’ve shared. It seems like you’ve followed all the instructions mentioned in the guided project correctly.

Though a little bit of context and explanation could be added using markdown cells. Please check this guide to understand more about that aspect.

Also, it would be great if you can restart and rerun your jupyter notebook before submitting the file so that the code cells are sequential and starts from 1.

I hope this helps. Please upload the .ipynb file next time. Thank you.

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