The backslash character

I don’t understand The backslash character well ( The Lesson: Variables and Data Types in Python )

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As for your question, we use the backslash character when we want to ignore the special functions of the symbol that goes right after that backslash, and to make that symbol to behave as a “normal” character, without any extra functions. For example, double " or single ' quote marks usually serve for opening or closing strings. When we write \", then the quote mark does nothing of it. Instead, it is used just as a normal character inside a string. In this example

motto = 'Facebook\'s new motto is "move fast with stable infra."'

the second single quote mark, being preceeded with a backslash, doesn’t close the string, as it was supposed to. Instead, it is just printed as a part of the string:

Facebook's new motto is "move fast with stable infra."

In combination with some letters (which, standing alone, have no special functions), the usage of the backslash character has other functions. You can refer to this article to find out more about those particular cases.

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