The Best Markets to Advertise E-learning Products

Hi DQ Community,

I’m hoping to highlight this project in my portfolio, please let me know what you think.

One specific question I had - I felt like I should have used z-scores but didn’t find the right opportunity. Is there a place you think would make sense?

Finding the Best Markets to Advertise In.ipynb (830.9 KB)

Looking forward to your feedback.

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You have done a great job! but there are some points that if you apply it will benefit you:

  • For the visualization part
    1. In the 1st chart (pie chart): You shouldn’t use a pie chart when there are more than 4 categories.
    2. While plotting the chart remove gridlines.
    3. Don’t forget to include a title on the chart.
  • As we see in the analysis of Country you can use a map for it.
  • If possible while explaining the analysis or charts try the markdown feature so it is easy for the audience to read. Take a look here for markdown
  • This is my personal opinion: If you want to make a notebook more appealing try to add some pictures like for example: While describing the columns you can do this instead.
    Reference is taken from here.

Hi Kashish,

I learn new markdown tricks everyday! I really like those table stylings and will find ways to use them going forward.

Your feedback is really valuable and has given me some creative avenues to explore.

One push back I have - Why is there a cap on the number of slices on a pie chart?

The styling in the kaggle notebook you shared is beautiful, I can’t believe they used the beginner tag!

From a design point of view, a pie chart takes up far too much space to convey a set of data compared to other options. In addition, the labels don’t line up, so the result becomes cluttered and hard to read — strike three against pie charts, as they often make the data more complicated than before. Pie charts also don’t work well at various sizes. A small pie chart is all but useless, whereas a small bar graph or line graph can still easily show differences in data. Reference from here

Do read this blog it will help you understand why you should avoid the Pie charts or Donut chart.

And yes she has amazing notebooks do check once.

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