The Data Science Hierachy of Needs

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I watched an interesting video about Data Science steps and paths,
they defined the following Data Science hierarchy of needs:

In my case I entered in my current job as a junior Software Engineer and the aim of the project in which I’m working is a classification problem, nowadays I’m working in the second step of the hierarchy MOVE/STORE doing some ETL, my question is seeing the aim of the project does it count like Data Science experience or is more Data Engineering?


It is more like a data engineering. But It can be counted as data science experience if you are highly involved with the model-building team and you learned the process of it.

Data science is actually a very broad paradigm and highly dependable on the company’s requirements. However, as a Data Scientist, your main job responsibilities range from defining data requirements to model building based on your experience level.

Just my thoughts!! Hope it helps!!

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Hey, thanks for your answer!

I’m the only person in the project. I’m currently speaking with the client analyzing all the variables needed to build the model, how to and extract them after my job will be more about clean, analyze the data, and try simple ML algorithms.

Knowing that the data obtention in projects like this is about 80% of the project I was thinking that If this counts as experience as a data scientist it will be a plus for my career.

Maybe someone with more experience than me could give his point of view.

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