The Gender Gap In College Degrees With Dynamic Code for Visualization

Please provide your feedback on the ways I made my code dynamic and effective. Would be happy to get suggestions on how to make it more efficient.

s2c3guidedproject.ipynb (238.4 KB)

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Hi @ahadov.rufat,

Your project is very good, and I liked it much more than my own one on the same topic! :grinning: The code is really dynamic and efficient, and the project itself is very well-organized. Also, good idea to make conclusions by category. Well done!

Here are some suggestions from me, hopefully they will be useful:

  • Probably the second paragraph in the introduction is a little bit too descriptive and can be dropped, or at least moved from the introduction to the markdown cell before the final code cell.
  • It’s better to re-run the already finished project to keep all the code cells in order.
  • The code cells are very well-commented, which is perfect. The only thing, you can probably add some space (even tabulation) between the code lines and their lateral comments, otherwise sometimes they are difficult to read.
  • The final code cell. It’s better to increase the font for the image title. Also, the red color for the subtitles visually mixes with the orange color of the plots and doesn’t bring additional information to the image. Better to change it with black.
  • The notes after the final code cell look a bit too detailed (your graph is already quite self-explanatory) and could be reduced. But the last observation is very good and really not so clear in case of agriculture (at least for me :yum:).

All in all, great job! Congratulations and happy learning!

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Hi @ahadov.rufat, much have been said by @Elena_Kosourova, and mine is to congratulates you for having completed your project on gender gap college degrees which is well detailed and presented. Happy learning!

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