The Helicopter Prison Escape Project

This was an exciting experience for my first data science project. Below find a link to my soluton.

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Hi @o.abucheri, You’ve done a very good project for a start,

  • nice analysis
  • the codes were very easy to follow and understandable
  • the comments were also well placed.
  • Nice visualizations
    However, I’d love to point our attention to the following
  • Data analysis projects need a good introduction section to explain to readers what you’re about to do.

This line isn’t really necessary,

  • Try to personalize your comments too, it seems like you just listed the instructions from the guided projects
  • it’d be nice if you can add a conclusion to what you observed after the analysis for the number of occurrences too and you can also go ahead to plot a graph for them.

That’s all from my end, keep learning. cheers

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