The influence of demographics on SAT performance

Hi everyone,

Just finished this project, so any feedback you may have on how I can improve my coding or story telling would be massively appreciated.


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Hi @radiofireworks

Thanks for sharing your project on SAT performance. Honestly, this project is just on another level, the workings are so excellent, the introduction is well informing , the comments, explanations given in the markdown cell, the conclusion are just wonderful. Keep it up mate for the good work.

I took couples of minutes going through the cleaning process and truly I enjoyed reading through, like converting the columns to numerical values and creating new ones ,they have been accompanied with well detailed explanations , and I felt like reading through over and over again. That code line containing print(75*"-"), took me time synthesizing what could be the display :joy:, can I call i overthinking? maybe so, but I immediately gazed it right.
The visualizations are very admirable , and have noted down some new concept that I got exposed to for the first time.

Have noticed just one typo :thinking: under subtopic ‘read in the survey’( in the introduction) ,first word in the second statement, I think the intention was to type ‘they’ and not ‘the’ as presented.

Mine therefore is to congratulate you for managing to finish and also for sharing a very well organized project and am very certain that it will be of help to many of the students in this community.

Happy learning!

Hi @brayanopiyo18!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through my project, I really appreciate it. Your kind words are very supportive and encouraging!

I remember thinking there had to be a better way than just doing print("----------------------------------------------------------------------------------") :joy:

Well spotted on the typo! Nothing like a second pair of eyes to help with proofreading

Best wishes

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