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The Project: Insight from StarWars survey

Hi, I’m Minh
Today I want to share my end course Cleaning data project: Insight from StarWars survey

About the minor detail like the encoding check function why don’t I let it running?? Actually, I have run it before I get data in pandas, but for the reason of performance while I open and close file many times => I disable this function after I done it

This is my project
Guide_Project_Star_Wars_Survey.ipynb (1.6 MB)

I hope my project will receive feedback so I could know where to implement
Have a good day, for all
Thank you

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Hello @biengioichantroi

Thank you for sharing your project.

Great to see that you’ve explored in-depth matplotlib and seaborn data visualization methods. I’ve learned a couple of tweaks that I will also use in my visualization.

Just an unimportant point of view… Since you are working on the FiveThirtyEight dataset, it would be more fun if you could use their matplotlib plotting style.


Overall, your project looks amazing, you have done a detailed exploration and cleaning. We are able to know the outcomes expected at each step.

Some things to check:

  • There is a SettingWithCopy Warning in the " About the ranking of each episode" section, try to see how you could remove it.

Thank you for your feedback!! I’ll check the SettingWithCopy warning, resolve it and improve my graph style again

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Guide_Project_Star_Wars_Survey(1).ipynb (2.3 MB)

Here is my project after fixing some of the errors by the feedback
But, I have to admit that when I use style by plt.style.use('fivethiryeight), my graph seems more clearable and more attractive than the default style. Once again thank you for your comment
p/s: About the SettingWithCopy Warning, I have changed for loop to use df.iloc[row_num, col_num], so that it won’t warning SettingWithCopy anymore

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab