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The Project: SAT - standardize test: What's the indicator effect and vice-versa?

Hi, I’m Minh, and this is a long time I came back here
I want to share my EDA project: SAT - standardized test: What’s the indicator effect and vice-versa?

I know in the last mission in my project insufficient the price info, just lay on the concept of what kind of high SAT score be like. I’ll find the data and add-on it.

And I have a question: For the last mission in my project, I have left the question about whether needs hypothesis testing or not?? Please give me some advice, because I’m planning to up this project on GitHub as my first project

Here is my project:

3_Cleaning_data_Walkthrough_p1.ipynb (529.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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