The project that landed me my first data science job

Awesome, congratulations. It definitely does take some grit!


Very inspiring and congratulations! I need this, thanks for sharing.


Inspiring story @mayabenowitz .


This is pretty cool. I’ll love to read more of this from others. Hopefully, one day, I’m gonna share mine.


Well done. Inspiring


Thanks so much for the piece … its inspiring. I wouldn’t give up​:muscle::muscle:


congratulations @mayabenowitz ,
All the best for your career and Thanks for sharing this with the community.


Beautiful I’m fired up


I was wondering if we can share projects aside from the guided projects…This is really impressive work. I like how much detail you have included in the notebook such that one can follow even without a coding background. I read somewhere about the importance of clean code and this just sums it all up. I hope to get to such levels in the near future thanks to DQ assuming you implemented that with knowledge from here. Kudos

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Thank you @oluochodhiambo11! I was actually thinking of starting a Community Project Hackathon thread where members can team-up and collaborate on projects that go above and beyond the guided projects. It’s tempting to see if we could get enough people involved and build an end-to-end data product (i.e., build a production model with an API end-point and a front-end web application). I need to find the time to get this involved in the community but it’s on my list of exciting things to do!


@mayabenowitz add me to your team :smile:

I think that is a terrific idea!I have actually been looking to join community based projects or hackathons where learners can collaborate and build knowledge on what it is like working on a date science projects with teams. If you do take the initiative, please reach out to me. I can volunteer and help organize it. Also would love to participate. @mayabenowitz

@mayabenowitz Congratulations! and thank you for motivating all of us. :slight_smile:

Its a WOW that you accomplished this in 4 months. Hearty Congratulations!!!

I really like the idea !

My god, the notebook is premium and really well explained, but the storytelling of your text in the topic was outstanding!

That is a very nice project you made, congratulations! How long did you take to finish, from start to end?