The table visual for average profit by segment of the superstore guided project is not showing

it was fun carrying out my first guided project but i got stuck along the way with respect to my visuals. any comments, suggestions for further improvement is highly welcomed. thank you

Hi @Sophieyerhumar

Your post is missing your project. You can attach a .pdf version of the same.


I got the same issue. The formula for net profit 2016 is correct and when I bring it together with Segment to the visual canvas it sets a frame for where visualisation is meant to appear but visualisation itself is missing. When I check Filters filed I can see that net profit 2016 for Consumer has 26519, for Coporate 15429 and for Home Office 9343. But for some reason this would not appear on the chart as a visualisation. I have refreshed but that didn’t change anything either

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Looks like it could be Power BI compatibility issue. I am using Power BI 2019 and just tried to download pbix file with solution to see how visualisation was showing there but it said there was an issue due to compatibility

oh ohkay am i to copy the link directly because i tried attaching the .pbix and i dont know how to download the pdf to my system

yes probably because am using their own power BI version