The with clause - answer is not accepted

I am submitting the following code which is not being accepted as the correct answer.

WITH sum_data AS
        p.playlist_id, playlist_name, track_name,
        (t.milliseconds * 0.001) length_seconds
        FROM playlist p
        LEFT JOIN playlist_track pt ON pt.playlist_id=p.playlist_id
        LEFT JOIN track t ON t.track_id=pt.track_id

SELECT playlist_id,
        COUNT(track_name) number_of_tracks,
        SUM(length_seconds) length_seconds
FROM sum_data
GROUP BY playlist_id, playlist_name
ORDER BY playlist_id ASC; 

I expect it to be accepted as correct as the only difference I can see is the number of decimals in “length_seconds” column where I use multiplication operation vs devision (as in the course supplier correct answer).

I use:

(t.milliseconds * 0.001) length_seconds

and the course suggested code is:

(t.milliseconds / 1000.0) length_seconds

This is the error message I am getting when submitting the answer:

The value for result doesn't look right.
One of your variables doesn't seem to have the correct value. Please re-check the instructions and your code.

E.g. for the fist row in the generated table my code produces this length in seconds: 877683.0829999989
and the course supplied code this: 877683.0829999988

Please advise what do I miss?

Hi @soloart

I understand this is both funny and amusing. I do not have access to this page so can’t try it.

This may or may not be relevant but have a look. language agnostic - Is floating point math broken? - Stack Overflow

Hi @Rucha
yes, thank you, it looks like it.

The thing is that the answer is checked by the code written by people so technically both options should be accepted in this case. I see it as an omission from whoever set up the answer checking parameters for this task as such precision is not critical in the context of the exercise.