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The with clause - answer is not accepted

I am submitting the following code which is not being accepted as the correct answer.

WITH sum_data AS
        p.playlist_id, playlist_name, track_name,
        (t.milliseconds * 0.001) length_seconds
        FROM playlist p
        LEFT JOIN playlist_track pt ON pt.playlist_id=p.playlist_id
        LEFT JOIN track t ON t.track_id=pt.track_id

SELECT playlist_id,
        COUNT(track_name) number_of_tracks,
        SUM(length_seconds) length_seconds
FROM sum_data
GROUP BY playlist_id, playlist_name
ORDER BY playlist_id ASC; 

I expect it to be accepted as correct as the only difference I can see is the number of decimals in “length_seconds” column where I use multiplication operation vs devision (as in the course supplier correct answer).

I use:

(t.milliseconds * 0.001) length_seconds

and the course suggested code is:

(t.milliseconds / 1000.0) length_seconds

This is the error message I am getting when submitting the answer:

The value for result doesn't look right.
One of your variables doesn't seem to have the correct value. Please re-check the instructions and your code.

E.g. for the fist row in the generated table my code produces this length in seconds: 877683.0829999989
and the course supplied code this: 877683.0829999988

Please advise what do I miss?