There are so many functions in R

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There are so many functions in R, is there a way to check on R studio what each function requires to be captured? For example, in excel, when I’m using each function, they tell me what inputs are required. It’s a good reference tool when I forget what the function requires.



By pressing Tab will give you hints after function name in Rstudio and F1 for more help.

Is this are you looking for?

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Yes! Thank you! But i can’t seem to do it on Mac. There isn’t a function for F1. Do u know how I could do it on Mac?

I don’t know but. don’t you have F1 key in keyboard?

Hi @lauratangwt:

I have not gotten into R myself but you may find these useful:

rstudio-IDE-cheatsheet.pdf (3.4 MB)

Hope this helps!

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Hi @lauratangwt, RStudio offers some great help features for packages and functions. It’s covered in detail in this recent Dataquest blog post.