This is frustrating :( %%@#$@

Even though my code is correct, it keeps getting rejected, like shown in the image below.

Screen Link:

My Code:


industry_usa = f500[f500['country']=='USA']['industry'].value_counts().head(2)

sector_china = f500[f500['country']=='China']['sector'].value_counts().head(3)

What I expected to happen:
the next mission button to pop!

What actually happened:


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Your code worked for me and the grader passed it as well.

Might just be a temporary glitch. Wait a while, refresh the page, and the try to submit again.

If issue persists, report through the Contact Us button in the top-right of this page.


Sadly, lots of glitches are surfacing lately.
each page of this entire mission have been going like that for me.