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Thrid Guided Project: Exploring eBay Car Sales Data

This is my third guided project and it’s built using pandas & NumPy library of Python. All the feedbacks are welcome.

It’s been an amazing learning journey until now. Hoping to build more interactive projects.
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Guided Project_ Exploring eBay Car Sales Data.ipynb (148.0 KB)

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Best regards

I hope my opinion about your work can help you.

  • The first thing you should do is have some basic notions of markdown.

Instead of putting comments at the beginning of each cell having some basic notions of md can help you a lot.

At first it is a bit annoying but you will see that even for you to have that knowledge will help you.

  • The second thing is to think that the projects you do even though they are guided what they intend is that little by little you are immersing yourself in the context of what you are dealing with, so a brief introduction about who made the data set, what columns form it or any other particularity that you consider appropriate is information that the person you are teaching will thank you.

in relation to the code I have seen a couple of things that I am not able to see, such as:

# Taking a quick look at individual columns
autos['odometer'].value_counts(dropna = False)

150,000km    32424
125,000km     5170
100,000km     2169
90,000km      1757
80,000km      1436
70,000km      1230
60,000km      1164
50,000km      1027
5,000km        967
40,000km       819
30,000km       789
20,000km       784
10,000km       264
Name: odometer, dtype: int64

My question is why you use dropna = False when that configuration what makes precisely take into account the values that are unknown and therefore the result possibly changes.

I leave you the link of the documentation:

  • Another important thing or perhaps the most important thing is the narration.

Think that when people look at a project the thing has to be clear without having to understand anything of code, in the same way that you have put the index of the dictionary so that whoever reads it knows what you are referring to, the same with each step you are doing, that is why it is important to markdown because if you rely on that technology you will be able to explain things with much higher quality, which is in the background of what it is also about.

It was difficult for me to understand it but in the end it is about explaining a story as well told as possible through programming tools on a topic, in this case the sale of cars on ebay.

I hope these few lines have given you some clue. eBay car Sales Data is a practice that I really liked doing and from which I got a lot of juice. Greetings and I hope I have helped you a little. See you around here, cheers up.