'Time out error' Data cleaning project Walk through

Hi All

Anyone else experiencing ‘Time out’ errors when completing the Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough steps. I’m unable to move on because when I hit run, I get the time out error and when I hit submit I get “VM is still initializing, please try again in a few seconds”.

Please help.

Kind regards.

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Hi @kloppersjj02,

Could you please next time include the link on the mission screen where you have an issue? Thak you.

Anyway, I found your mission Data Cleaning Walkthrough and ran the code on the 4th mission screen. Seems that now everything is OK, so please try again and let me know if it works.

Hi Elena

Thanks so much for your help and apologies for not including the link. I checked now and the issue is resolved. I appreciate your quick response.


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