Time to add seafood to your diet: Data visualization evidence promoting seafood

This project takes a glimpse at Seafood industry in the USA. As more people are opting against red meat diet for plant based and sea food, this might be a good time to analyze aquatic food sources. The environmental impact of industrialized red meat production and health concerns has made sea food a favourable alternative diet also termed as “pescatarian diet”.

This project analyzes two things:

  1. How environmentally sustainable is seafood?
  2. Does seafood pack the nutrients to replace meat based diet?

This project utilizes an API call to get the latest update data each time i Knit the R-markdown script. For the first time i have created and used an Infograph too! Alongside #plotly interactive charts!

You can read the full project here.
Please share your feedback, thoughts and if you plan to add more seafood to your diet!


@rickyboshe Congratulations on the project! It has everything I love about a good data analysis project, good visualizations, nice pictures to inform the public, and an excellent division of really explained topics. You made that “Carbon footprint” infographic? That’s amazing!

@vinigomesaraujo Yes! i made the infograph, it was honestly so much fun. I am trying to keep expanding my visualization techniques. Using tools that are not native to R like infograpghs and soon hopefully, D3.
Thank you for the feedback.

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That’s awesome! Sometimes we get stuck with Python and R and forget about other types of data visualizations. Great job on that Dataviz. :smile:
You’re welcome! Good luck on your path