Timeout Error Running Your Code (Bruce)

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wnba = pd.read_csv('wnba.csv')
from scipy.stats import percentileofscore
percentile_rank_half_less = percentileofscore(wnba['Games Played'], score = 17, kind = 'weak')
percentage_half_more = 100 - percentile_rank_half_less```

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"Timeout Error Running Your Code"
![Timeout Error|690x242](upload://fY4azYCLL6oJ9JMxUG8RFn0pyvy.jpeg)

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Hi Bruce,

I’ve just tried your code, it works well now.

In case you still have that issue, try to press Restore Initial Code (to the right of the Sumbit Answer button) and then re-run your code on a cleaned screen.

Thank you Elena.
Worked this time.

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