Tips for better data visualization

Tips for better data visualization:

  1. When categories less than 10, convert to a horizontal bar plot for ease to read over vertical bar plot.

  2. Employing visual order by listing the top ranked movie on the top of horizontal bar plots.

  3. Create a distinct contrast by using blue color to highlight the best ranked movie over the other movies in grey color.

  4. De-clutter the visualization by removing all the axis labels and ticks and include the information inside the horizontal bar plot.

  5. Use meaningful information by using the actual movie titles over ranking_x labels.

  6. Keep it clean and make use of white space by removing the borders.

  7. Added visual aid by with arrow annotation telling which are the best and worst ranked movies.

  8. Add a data source at the bottom.

Much better than Out93

  1. Interactivity
    Matplotlib is a good library for visualization, but there is no denying that it often lacks interactivity… and he’s not as good as he could be .
    As simple as Matplotlib with pandas, you can use the plotly library, for this you will need cufflinks.
    You can learn more from this article
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I agreed that Matplotlib lacks interactivity. However, almost all of other libraries based on Matplotlib. With basics fundamental knowledge of matplotlib, you will most comfortable with other types of libraries.