Titanic Data: An in-depth Explanatory Data Analysis

Greetings, lovely individuals. I hope everything is going well.

Recently, while working on personal projects, I also took some time to study information regarding the tragedy Titanic. I want to understand why certain significant events that occurred aboard that ship are seen the way they do.

The main objective of the study is to get familiar with the depth of exploratory data analysis. Additionally, I spent considerable time documenting each stage of my investigation. It might be useful to someone.

kindly help me go through it and tell me what I need to add or remove from the project.


@OlutokiJohn ,
I commend the effort and time you have put into the project not just to showcase it but with the intention to provide a resource for other learners. Here are my impressions:

  1. Excellent introduction with detailed overview of the entire titanic story.
  2. Code commenting was in good tense and professional.
  3. Many visualizations to convey leading insights all through the analysis.
  4. Good use of functions for code reuse.
  5. Practical implementation of the question-visualization-observation framework.
  6. Conclusion was nicely presented.

Things to consider:

  1. Main photo of the titanic ship would’ve been more appropriate with proper credits.
  2. Adding titles and increase in axis labels to the many visualizations in case your reader decides to have a slide view of your analysis.
  3. Suppress the numerous deprecation warnings within your notebook using:
import warnings

Or update the code.
4. Use of semi colon after plotting to prevent the text output as seen “In [34]”.
5. Adding a few multivariate explorations would spice up your visualizations like:
What gender had a more survival rate if they had family members and in a particular deck?
6. The use of alphabets for cities in visualizations as seen in cell 21 may introduce vagueness despite indicating it in the code comments.
7. Adding a Conclusion sub heading wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Notwithstanding, from introduction to conclusion, your work was very impressive, chronological and engaging . Well done.

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Thank you very much @Ezemonye_Omereji, I’d look into all you’ve started and work on it.

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