Top Apps Recommendation

Just general comments on project output. Top Free Apps.ipynb

Hi @sbgraham72,

Welcome to the Community!
Can you please re-load the notebook with your project here? It hasn’t been loaded properly.
Thank you!

I’m not sure how to do it “properly”. I guess that’s why it didn’t load successfully.
Regards, Bruce

That’s ok, I’ll explain you how to do it.

Press Reply as a reply to this my message, then press the button
Upload at the top of that new message (it is in the middle of the other buttons). Select From my device, then press the button Select files. After you have selected the necessary notebook from your computer, press Upload. The small window will be closed and the file will be uploaded to the message. Then, press Reply.

I got as far as using the “Select Files” button. It took me to my own hard drive, but I have no idea if the project file I saved called “Top Apps Recommendation.ipynb” was saved on my harddrive outside of the DataQuest learning platform. I was generally only accessing it from within DataQuest web.
Thanks. Bruce

Top Apps Recommendation.ipynb (32.6 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Thank you Elena.
I think I got it. Within the Jupyter Notebook, I went to “File” and then “Download As”. There was a selection of file types to download. I wasn’t sure if you wanted a *.pdf file or a *.ipynb file or …
I chose the *.ipynb type.
Hope this is what you wanted.

Hello Elena:

Has my notebook file now been loaded properly.
Thanks and regards, Bruce

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Hi Bruce,

Oh, sorry for my late reply.
Yes, now your notebook is perfectly rendered! I successfully opened it.

Now regarding your project itself. The code is clean and easily readable, all the results are printed out, all the necessary markdown explanations and conclusions are available. Also, good idea to use emphasizing for key words and the most important insights (bold font).

I would only recommend you to divide your code into relatively small pieces and intermit them with the corresponding markdown explanations. In this way, every intermediate result will be commented right after being obtained, hence it will be much easier for a reader to follow the project and understand the overall concept. Well, practically you have already both the whole code and all the explanations in your project, the idea is exactly to divide them into small parts. You can see what I mean, for instance, in this example project. I took it from these guidelines for writing data science projects, which is also a great resource to look through and to follow in future. It seems a bit lengthy, but don’t be discouraged by this: you can take just several key moments from it, at least for the beginning.

Hope my suggestions were helpful. Good luck with your future projects and happy learning!

Your feedback and suggestions are of great value Elena!

Thank you kindly.



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That’s great Bruce, I’m glad that my ideas were useful!
Looking forward to seeing your next projects, good luck with them! :star2:

Hello Elena:

I tried to submit/upload my second Guided Project called, “Hacker News Worthy”.
I’m not sure if I was successful.
Please let me know. Thanks.
Bruce Graham

Hi Bruce,

I had a look now, there seems to be an issue again. I think I understood why: when you are creating a post to submit your project and see this automatic comment:

<!-- 2. copy and paste the URL of the last mission screen of the Guided Project below-->

you should put a link to your mission screen below this line, not on the same line.

This was about the mission screen link. Now about attaching your notebook itself. When you are creating your post, you’ll see further also this automatic comment:

<!-- 3. upload your notebook (.ipynb file) below-->

Also in this case, you should download your notebook below this line. Because as I saw now in your post for Hacker News project (here), you put both the mission screen link and the notebook on the same line as the comments, which resulted in this issue.


Thanks Elena.
I tried to do it as you described.
Let me know if I need to repeat.


I checked right now your post for Hacker News - no, it didn’t work, and the post is not updated. Seems really strange.

Do you have your notebook saved as a .ipynb file? I mean, just as a normal Jupyter notebook. Can you sent it to me right here, as a reply to this my post? Just press Reply, select Upload, choose the necessary file and send it. I will download it and attach to your Hacker News post. News Project.ipynb

I don’t know how to export or download a "ipynb type file onto my hard drive. I’m not familiar with that type of file and where on the DataQuest “Web” the Notebooks I create are actually stored. It is all very confusing to me.

Ok Elena. I just tried using the download feature on Jupytor for my file as a *.ipynb type. It did download to my hard drive, but I’m not sure if it’s usable as a *ipynb type file. I don’t think any of my existing software (like MSWord …) can open it up.

Now I will try to upload it to you from my hard drive.
BruceHacker News Project.ipynb (37.5 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi Bruce,

Perfect! I opened your notebook, everything is fine, it’s exactly the necessary format. Now I will put it into the right post (about Hacker News) and will give you also my feedback about your project today :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Elena! Much appreciated.