Topic Guided Project: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degree

i completed the project
Visualizing+The+Gender+Gap+In+College+Degrees.ipynb (696.2 KB)

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Hi @abdulrahman.hawila,

Thanks for sharing your project. Here are some comments from my side for your consideration.

  • Project structure: adding title, introduction, conclusion, sub-sections with sub-subheadings.
  • Adding markdown cells with explanations what steps were made and why.
  • It was enough to read the file in pandas once, as well as to assign colors and create lists of categories.
  • Probably it was not necessary to introduce the variable i, just to write the number 3 instead.
  • A good practice is to re-run al the cells after finishing the project. In this case all the code cells are in order and easy to follow.

Hope my comments were useful. Happy coding!