Transferring Projects into Local Jupyter Notebook

Hello everyone!

I’m having some issues to transfer my projects from DQ to my locally installed Jupyter Notebook
I found this post Guided Projects and How to Save your Work
which is pretty useful for the most part.

The relevant bit is this one:
It will download a .tar file that contains both your notebook file and the required datasets. Now extract the .tar file and paste the datasets in the same folder as your Jupyter notebook file.

I followed the instructions for the first guided project but the problem is that the code completely collapsed since the datasets are no longer ‘integrated’
I tried to re-route my open() function like such:
AppStore_opened = open(r"C:\Users\myusername\anaconda3\Library\AppleStore.csv")

But things are still going wrong and Jupyter spits an error message. I’ve been trying to find a solution for over an hour :frowning:

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Zacross,

Try to do the following. Open the DQ mission screen, where you were doing (or have already completed) your project. Select the Download button in the upper right corner. Now, find the downloaded folder in the Downloads of your computer, unzip it and save the whole folder somewhere on your computer. Among the files, there will be an ipynb file, most probably called Basics. Open Anaconda, then Jupyter, and from there find your unzipped folder saved on your computer and open the Basics. Now, you can re-run your notebook and make necessary updating.

Ah, and of course in your open() don’t write the whole route, just the name of the file, since you are working from the same folder. Also, add the encoding:

opened_file = open('AppleStore.csv', encoding = 'utf8')

Hi @Zacross: you can choose to create a folder say Project in your Desktop (this is what we call the base directory for your files). Place the dataset as well as the notebook in the same base directory. Simply reference the dataset (i.e. AppleStore.csv) and the dataset should load correctly.