Translate Function


I am trying to clean the data and remove all punctuation from a string.
I use the function translate. but it doesn’t work.
Should I import special library to work with this function?

def cleanup(stringo):
    stri =stringo.lower().replace('/W','')
    zap = '.,;:[email protected]#$^&*)(?><:\/'
    symbols = str.maketrans('.,;:[email protected]#$^&*)(?><:\/',' '*len(zap))
    return stri


.translate returns a new string.
.replace returns a new string.

What you want is

return stri.translate(symbols).replace(":", " ")

Thank you, I will try…

Yes, It works. ) :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

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Thanks. I pushed on three dots near the Reply button under the past. Am I done everything correctly?