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Trigonometry easy way to memorize formulas

Hi Everyone,

While browsing some of the courses, I came across Nonlinear Activation Functions lecture, where the slides were about Trig functions of the right angle triangle. I would like to share an easy way to memorize the formulas. First, know the sides of the right angle triangle. Base (B) is the bottom side, Perpendicular (P) is the side which is perpendicular (or right angle) to the base, Hypotenuse is the line opposite the angle (angle which is not 90) or it is the line not touching the right angle.

Now, remember below phrase:
Some People Have
Curly Brown Hair
Through Proper Brushing

“Some People Have” OR sin(theta) = Perpendicular / Hypotenuse
“Curly Brown Hair” OR cos(theta) = Base / Hypotenuse
“Through Proper Brushing” OR tan(theta) = Perpendicular / Base

There you have it. Enjoy!