Trouble installing Anaconda | ANOMALY: meaningless REX prefix used

I’ve been working up to today exclusively with pip to install packages I need to use for Dataquest learning, and I wanted to move to Anaconda - at least to see how the whole thing works!

However, I stumbled upon an error I can’t manage to fix even after a fair degree of effort.
This was documented in the ticket i raised into anaconda-issues repo. Before going into trial & error I was wondering if anyone in the community had the same issue and managed to solve it? :thinking:

Thanks if anyone can help!

Considering that error starts in, I would also begin my research with removing the dot from your user name: niccolo.longoni -> niccolo_longoni or niccolo. Windows is very sensitive to this kind of staff.

Also, have you managed to create / update .condarc file?

PS. I’ve moved from Anaconda to pip long time ago :wink:

Jeez so there is really a good chance that the dot in the middle is the source of the problem? Given the fact it’s my work laptop I might as well stick to pip following your example… Maybe by creating a new profile with no dots I can see if navigator launches properly :smile: