Trouble with command line in The Anatomy of Commands in Introduction to the Command Line

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I’m having several issues with the command line terminal. It regularly says ‘initializing the command line terminal’ indefinitely. I’ve Googled around and looked on the forums and it looks like this has been an issue in the past, but none of the solutions are working.

For some reason the command line skips to the next line when I enter a - (for example: diff -y augustus veruca) in The Anatomy of Commands

When I do get the appropriate output, there isn’t any indication of successful completion of the screen.

Hi @mattboutte,

Our command-line missions certainly have a lot of issues. I am not sure how helpful it would be, however, I can offer you some workarounds.

Please try performing a hard refresh if it takes more than 30 seconds to initialize.

This will fix it:

I would recommend you to go through all the missions in step 3 and let me know once you finish it. I will mark it as complete from my end.


I’m also not getting any indication of completion in the “Filesystem” mission.
I had to redo some exercises because of this.
Please can you help me mark it as complete on your end.


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Hi @rayolufadeju,

Sorry about the answer checking issues on our command line missions. As this issue is affecting multiple missions in step 3, I would recommend you to go through all the missions in step 3 and let us know via the Contact Us link above once you finish it. I will mark them as complete from my end.


Hello, I have completed all of the exercises in ‘The FIlesystem’ mission in step 3. However the 4th exercise ‘Inspecting Directories Thoroughly’ does not show the green tick beside it which is causing me to not being able to finish this course “Elements of The Command Line” 100%.

I am looking forward to DQ moderators or anyone who can help solve this problem.

Thank you

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Responded via direct message.